Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets

Menswear Essentials: Biker Jacket (Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets)

The biker jacket is an iconic piece of outerwear which should be an essential item in every man’s wardrobe. This article will discuss the biker jacket and also display 3 examples of the best men’s black biker jackets available currently at all price points.


The biker jacket is an item which brings connotations of masculinity in addition to rebelliousness. This style of jacket is absolutely ideal for attracting the opposite sex due to the added edge which is instantly injected into your look through wearing a jacket of this nature.


Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets


The ideal biker jacket should ideally be in a double rider style in a soft black lamb nappa/suede leather material. There should be 3-4 zips on the front of jacket (including the main zip). Quilted shoulders and military style shoulder fastenings provide added style points. Some may also like the jacket containing a belt attached like for example in most Saint Laurent biker jackets.


A biker jacket should always fit slim. I am personally a big fan of anti-fit (oversized, longline, cropped etc) clothing however I would only ever purchase a slim fitting biker jacket. On the other hand, other models of leather jackets like shearling arguably look better worn slightly oversized.


Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets


The best way to wear a biker jacket is within a monochrome focused look. Stick to mainly black to bring the best out of your biker jacket. I would recommend pairing a black biker jacket with an oversized black t shirt, semi-formal charcoal wool trousers and pair of luxury black trainers or black boots.


Biker jackets can be picked up at various price points however remember a biker jacket is an investment piece which should be a mainstay of your capsule wardrobe. This means you should pay a premium price in order to get a premium product which also contains significant resale value on Grailed or Ebay.


Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets


The original biker jacket was the NYC Perfecto model made by American leather brand Schott in the 1940’s. This is the jacked made famous by Marlon Brando’s portrayal of Johnny Strabler in 1953 movie The Wild One.


Schott still make fantastic leather biker jackets however now there are an abundance of excellent options both by leather brands and luxury fashion houses. The quality of the materials used by leather focused brands such as Falcon Garments or Schott tend to be higher however the fit and details of the jacket may be less modern and less style led than alternatives from fashion and streetwear brands.


Below I will display a most wanted list of the best biker jackets available at 3 different price ranges.

Menswear Essentials (Most Wanted List)




Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets

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Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets

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Best Men’s Black Biker Jackets

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