How to wear Nike Air Max

How to Wear Nike Air Max Trainers

Nike Air Max trainers are the most popular brand of trainer worn throughout the world. This is for a reason as air max trainers combine seamless style with effortless comfort unparalleled by any other kind of trainer. This article will discuss how to wear nike air max trainers.


My daily ‘go to’ shoe is my pair of triple black Nike Air Max 90 ultra moire edition. Triple black Nike Air Max in particular look very stylish and from a medium to long distance don’t even look like typical trainers.


The Nike Air Max shoe uses a large air cushioning unit at the heel which is visible from the side of the midsole in most models. Alongside proving a greater degree of comfort, this cushioning unit provides an added height boost of 1-1.25 inches. This is what the ‘air max’ label is derived from.


How to wear Nike Air Max


Nike are an iconic brand associated with sportswear which have been at the forefront of trainer design for the last few decades. Their positive reputation is deserved through the innovation they have displayed in their evolution of trainer styles.


Nike air max trainers are a combination of fashionable good looks with real sportswear capabilities. In modern times the distinction between sportswear and fashionwear has become ever increasingly finer which has led to the Air Max’s prevalence in every fashion conscious city.


Below I will demonstrate some looks which display using your Nike Air Max to their full aesthetic potential.


Smart Casual


Nike air max can look great when paired with a blazer and shirt. Ideally match the colour of your trainers to the blazer for a complimentary look without looking out of place. Blue Nike’s look great with a dark navy blazer.


How to wear Nike Air Max


Statement Piece


For those who are more adventurous wear a pair of statement bright Nike Air Max trainers within a monochrome outfit. The key is to make the rest of the outfit muted with black being the ideal choice.


How to wear Nike Air Max




Nike Air Max are the perfect items of footwear within a streetwear outfit. Nike Air Max 95 are preferable to 90’s due to the retro design. Match the trainers to a BAPE camouflage top for a look which is undoubtedly cool.


How to wear Nike Air Max

 Biker Combination


The biker jacket is one of the most iconic pieces of outerwear, being the jacket of choice for Hollywood rebels like James Dean and Marlon Brando. Wear a slim fitting black biker jacket with a matching black top and ensure the colour of the air max is the same as the biker jacket. Then throw on some grey trousers to break up the look.


How to wear Nike Air Max


Overcoat Combination


The overcoat is another trendy outwear piece which can sometimes look too formal within an outfit. Combining the overcoat with casual Nike trainers helps alleviate this while still looking trendy. Wear a shirt under the overcoat and match the trainers to the colour of the shirt.


How to wear Nike Air Max


Gym Style


Nike trainers are ideal for use when working out. Wearing Nike trainers to the gym will improve your confidence which is key to a good workout. Contrast the Nike trainers with grey joggers and a white vest to look ready for any fitness challenge.


How to wear Nike Air Max


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  1. I usually wear some comfortable off brand shoes to the gym. Realized they look like shit and am ready to trade my birth control sneakers for some nice kicks.

    Thanks for the outfit ideas to pair with these. The go to hell neon green/monochrome look is legit af

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